Terms of service

Terms of Service
1. Scope

For all orders via our online shop by consumers and entrepreneurs, the following terms and conditions apply.

A consumer is any natural person who enters into a legal transaction for purposes which are predominantly neither commercial nor self-employed. Entrepreneur is a natural or legal person or a legal partnership that, in the course of entering into a legal transaction, acts in the exercise of its commercial or independent professional activity.

With regard to entrepreneurs, these terms and conditions also apply to future business relationships, without us having to refer to them again. If the entrepreneur uses conflicting or supplementary terms and conditions, its validity is hereby contradicted; they only become part of the contract if we have expressly consented to this.
2. Contracting party, conclusion of contract

The purchase contract is concluded with Sport Vibrations / Ulla & Wolfgang Svoboda oHG.

By placing the products in the online shop, we make a binding offer to conclude a contract for these items. You can initially put our products into the shopping cart without obligation and correct your entries at any time before submitting your binding order by using the corrective aids provided and explained in the ordering process. The contract is concluded by accepting the offer for the goods contained in the shopping cart by clicking on the order button. Immediately after sending the order, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
3. Contract language, contract text storage
The languages ​​available for the contract are German and English.

We save the contract text and send you the order data and our terms and conditions by e-mail. The contract text can be viewed in our customer login.
4. Terms of delivery

We deliver within Europe free shipping.

We only deliver in transit. Unfortunately, a self collection of the product is not possible.

We do not deliver to packing stations.

5. Payment

In our shop you can basically use the following payment methods:

Credit card
By submitting the order, you also transmit your credit card information to us at the same time.
After your legitimacy as a legitimate cardholder, we request your credit card issuer immediately after the order to initiate the payment transaction. The payment transaction is automatically performed by the credit card company and charged to your card.

In the order process you will be redirected to the website of the online provider PayPal. In order to pay the invoice amount via PayPal, you must be registered there or first register, legitimize with your access data and confirm the payment order to us. After placing the order in the shop, we request PayPal to initiate the payment transaction.
The payment transaction will be carried out automatically by PayPal immediately thereafter. You'll get more information during the ordering process.

Purchase on account via PayPal (available in Germany & Austria)

When buying on account with PayPal, you always get the goods first and you always have a payment period of 14 days. In cooperation with PayPal, we offer you the PayPal purchase on account as a payment option.
Please note that PayPal purchase on account is only available to consumers and that payment must be made to PayPal. When buying on account with PayPal, you always get the goods first and you always have a payment period of 14 days.

Amazon Pay
In the ordering process, you will be forwarded to the website of the online provider Amazon before the end of the ordering process in our online shop. In order to process the order process via Amazon and pay the invoice amount, you must be registered there or first register and legitimize with your access data. There you can choose the delivery address and payment method stored on Amazon, confirm the use of your data by Amazon and the payment instructions to us. Afterwards you will be redirected to our online shop, where you can complete the order process.
Immediately after the order, we request Amazon to initiate the payment transaction. The payment transaction will be performed automatically by Amazon. You'll get more information during the ordering process.

Cookie guidelines
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A detailed list of cookies and an explanation of their purpose can be found here for Germany.

2. installment purchase via easyCredit
Supplementary General Terms and Conditions for ‘ratenkauf by easyCredit’
1. Scope and General Terms of Use
The following supplementary General Terms and Conditions apply between you and the
merchant for all contracts with the merchant where the ‘ratenkauf by easyCredit’ installment
purchase solution (‘Ratenkauf’) is used.
In the event of conflict, the supplementary Terms and Conditions take precedence over the
merchant’s general terms and conditions.
Ratenkauf is available only to customers who are consumers as defined in section 13 of the
German Civil Code (BGB) and are over the age of 18.

2. Ratenkauf
With the support of TeamBank AG Nuremberg, Beuthener Strasse 25, 90471 Nuremberg,
Germany (‘TeamBank AG’), the merchant can offer you Ratenkauf as an additional payment
option for your purchase.
The merchant reserves the right to check your credit status. For more details, please see the
Ratenkauf data protection notice when you place your order. If Ratenkauf cannot be offered
because of your credit status or because the merchant’s revenue limit has been reached, the
merchant reserves the right to offer you an alternative payment option.
The Ratenkauf contract is formed between you and the merchant. There is no cash payment
with Ratenkauf; you choose to pay off the purchase price in monthly installments. Payments
are made every month for an agreed term, whereby the final installment may be different to
the previous installments. Ownership of the goods is not transferred until the purchase price
has been paid in full.
The receivables arising through the use of Ratenkauf are assigned by the merchant to
TeamBank AG under a rolling factoring contract. Only payments made to TeamBank AG have
the effect of discharging the debt.
The merchant is not subject to any supervision by a regulatory authority other than the general
supervisory authority for businesses (
Gewerbeaufsicht). Complaints can be sent to the
merchant by letter or email.

3. Payment of Installments by SEPA Direct Debit
Through the SEPA direct debit mandate issued with Ratenkauf, you are authorizing TeamBank
AG to collect the payments due as a result of the installment purchase from the current account
you specified during the order process at the named bank by means of a SEPA direct debit.
Payments will be collected no sooner than on the date specified on the pre-notification.
Payments may also be collected shortly after that date.
If the purchase price is reduced between the pre-notification and the due date (e.g. due to
amounts being credited), the debited amount may differ from that stated in the pre-notification.
You must ensure that your current account contains sufficient funds at the time the payment
is due. Your bank is not required to honor the direct debit request if your account does not
contain sufficient funds.
If the direct debit is returned due to insufficient funds in the current account or an unjustified
rejection by the account holder, or because the current account has been closed, you will be

ratenkauf by easyCredit As of february 2022 Page 2 von 2
in default (without separate demand notice), unless the direct debit is returned due to
circumstances beyond your control.
Costs charged to TeamBank AG by your bank for a direct debit returned for reasons for which
you are responsible may be claimed from you by TeamBank AG as damages and must be
reimbursed by you. You are entitled to show that TeamBank AG suffered a smaller loss or no
loss at all.
If you are in default, TeamBank AG is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for each demand
notice or default interest in the amount of five percentage points above the prevailing base rate
of the European Central Bank.
Because of the high costs associated with a returned direct debit, we would ask you not to
reject the SEPA direct debit if you cancel the contract, return the goods or make a complaint.
In these cases, the payment is reversed in agreement with the merchant by means of a reverse
transfer of the relevant amount or in the form of a credit note.

6. Retention of title

The goods remain our property until full payment.
For entrepreneurs applies in addition: We reserve the ownership of the goods until the complete settlement of all claims from an ongoing business relationship. You may resell the reserved goods in ordinary business; All claims arising from this resale shall be assigned to us in advance - irrespective of any combination or mixing of the goods subject to retention of title with a new item - and we accept this assignment. You remain authorized to collect the claims, but we may also collect claims yourself, as long as you do not meet your payment obligations.
7. Transport damage

For consumers:
If goods are delivered with obvious transport damage, please complain about such errors as soon as possible to the deliverer and please contact us immediately. The failure to file a complaint or contact has no consequences for your statutory claims and their enforcement, in particular your warranty rights. However, they help us claim our own claims against the carrier or the transport insurance.

For entrepreneurs applies:
The risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration will be transferred to you as soon as we have delivered the item to the shipper, the carrier or the person or institution otherwise responsible for carrying out the shipment. For merchants, the duty to inspect and to reprimand, which is regulated in § 377 HGB, applies. If you refrain from doing so, the goods are deemed to have been approved unless they are defects that were not identifiable during the inspection. This does not apply if we have fraudulently concealed a defect.
8. Warranty and Guarantees

All TAMI products come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase.

In case of improper use or willful damage no guarantee is given.
Injury or damage to property or persons is not covered by this warranty. In case of complaints, please contact your TAMI distributor directly in your country. The TAMI Dogboxes are usually made of dog crate and pump as well as various accessories and small parts. Since all or several parts are rarely defective at the same time, only the defective parts are always repaired or replaced.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed, the statutory liability for defects applies. For consumers, the limitation period for claims for defects in used goods is one year from delivery of the goods.

For entrepreneurs, the limitation period for claims for defects is one year from the transfer of risk; the statutory periods of limitation for the right of recourse according to § 478 BGB remain unaffected.
With regard to entrepreneurs, the only agreement that applies to the condition of the goods is our own details and the manufacturer's product descriptions which were included in the contract; We accept no liability for public statements made by the manufacturer or other advertising statements.
If the delivered goods are defective, we initially provide to entrepreneurs at our discretion warranty by rectification of the defect (rectification) or by delivery of a defect-free item (replacement).
The above limitations and shortened terms do not apply to claims for damages caused by us, our legal representatives or vicarious agents

   - in violation of life, body or health
   - in case of intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty as well as malice
   - in the case of breach of essential contractual obligations, the fulfillment of which enables the proper execution of the contract in the first place and on whose compliance the contractual partner may regularly rely (cardinal obligations)
   - as part of a guarantee promise, as far as agreed
   -  as far as the scope of application of the Product Liability Act is opened.

Information on any applicable additional guarantees and their exact conditions can be found in the product and on special information pages in the online shop.
9. Liability

We are always liable without limitation for claims due to damage caused by us, our legal representatives or vicarious agents

   - in case of injury to life, body or health,
   - in case of intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty,
   - with guarantee promise, as far as agreed, or
   - as far as the scope of application of the Product Liability Act is opened.

In the event of a breach of essential contractual obligations, the fulfillment of which enables the proper execution of the contract and (contractual) obligations by ordinary negligence of us, our legal representatives or vicarious agents, the liability shall be limited to the amount foreseeable at the time the contract was concluded Damage limited, which typically has to be expected. Incidentally, claims for damages are excluded.

10. Dispute resolution
The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OS), available here http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.
We are not obligated and unwilling to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board.

11. Final provisions

If you are an entrepreneur, then German law applies excluding the UN sales law.

Are you a merchant within the meaning of the Commercial Code, legal entity under public law or special fund under public law, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from contractual relationships between us and you is our place of business.

AGB created with the Trusted Shops legal copywriter in cooperation with Wilde Beuger Solmecke Rechtsanwälte.

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